Omni-MS: the industry’s first multiomics service

Capturing proteins, lipids, metabolites, electrolytes, and more using high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.

Why Us

Using our one-shot assay, Dalton provides research services with analytical coverage of nearly all major classes of biochemicals at a fraction of the cost, empowering researchers to capture multiomic information that is infeasible to access otherwise.


  • Biomarker discovery and development
    • Find which molecules are associated with your phenotype or disease of interest
  • Bioprocess optimization
    • Learn what culture components are necessary for maximal productivity or bioactivity
  • Characterization of sample components
    • Identify and quantify contaminants or impurities in our samples
  • Phenotypic analysis for genetic studies
    • Learn how genetic variation affects the abundance of various biochemicals
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