Industry’s first multiomic assay platform:

Importance of our technology and the Schematic overview of the Omni-MS Workflow

Why Us

Using this one-shot assay, Dalton provides research services with analytical coverage of nearly all major classes of bio-relevant molecules at a fraction of the cost, empowering researchers to capture multiomic information that is infeasible to access otherwise. Some applications include:

  • Multiomic biomarker discovery and development
    • e.g. finding molecules that are associated with target phenotypes or diseases
  • Multiomic optimization of bioactivity
    • e.g. optimizing culture medium components for maximal productivity or bioactivity
  • Identification and quantification of sample components
    • e.g. detection of contaminants or impurities in bioproducts
  • Phenotypic analysis for genetic studies
    • e.g. genome-wide association studies of biofluid biomarkers
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